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by Misery Loves Co.

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Things do get better.


released April 19, 2016

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by MLC. Aug 2011-Dec 2015 in Kalamazoo, MI.

Artwork by Nathan C. and Brok L.

Josh A: drums.
Fiona D: Cello
Alex Y: Piano
Josh M: Everything else.



all rights reserved


Misery Loves Co. Kalamazoo, Michigan

Hi, I'm Josh. This is an outlet for art that I create on my own and collaborate with friends.

Projects present:
Forget the Times

Projects past:
The Wrap! Live on Ice
Seventeen Again
William Bonney
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Track Name: Summer of '12
I've been losing sleep, and highway 55 has become familiar to me. These worn out shoes have done about all they can do.
Burnt by the sun we'll all learn to get along; choked up on dust our tears will gladly eat 'em up.
I've been hearing songs about how they feel they've been wronged, I've been hearing tales of putting whiskey in our sails.
Biting ours tongues, we'll all learn to get along. An acquaintance you can trust, the tears will gladly eat 'em up.
Burnt by the sun we'll never forget what we've done.
Choked up on dust, I hope to see you all in a few months.
Track Name: Tiny Sinclair
"Love me!" he cried, "on my time. Tell me" he asked "why I hide. I need your touch when you're not in site; but come too close, I'll show you why I can't take your love tonight."

It's strange to think we're not that different, you and I. It keeps my awake, knowing we'll never be satisfied.
Track Name: 3341
This self obsession, he knows it will be the death of him.
Track Name: Link to the Past
Alone for years, what seemed as saving grace appeared. Tear down the walls, it keeps it's distance. Reach out your hand, it says, "Listen, you know I care so please be strong." but I just hang my head in the lovers song.
Track Name: All the Wrong Reasons
Turn the page, it's the same old story, you can see the lines but you can't read the writing. Turn the corner, it's the same old scene, just an empty street. Maybe this time it'll make some sense, maybe this time I'll trip up a little less. Even if you've seen the light alone's a term that's so easy to identify with.
Wasting time and drifting away, trying my best searching for something to say that'll make this worth your while. Show me something that I can understand, with my empty heart held in your hands.
...and it scares me now that what I've been chasing is right at my feet and I'm trying my best to push it away, at the bottom of despair is where'd I'd rather stay. It's a loss in belief in what's wanted, not needed. It's running in circles and feeling defeated.

What's the point of trying to change if the world's always gonna stay the same.
Track Name: Constant Motion
Nickel and dime life, it's no surprise that this where'd I'd be, oh indecisive me. Waste the time away, we will slip and fray trying our best to drown out these feelings of death.
Moving to the next town they always seem to look down on my poor decisions, it's just an illusion for my happiness that can be so hard to find. I'm content right hear but in two years you'll find me elsewhere.
Watch the leaves fall, aimlessly wander the sidewalk. Step outside of your own mind, tell yourself that everything will be just fine.
Nickel and dime life, it takes a toll on your mind; and then you realize you've been running this whole time. Every time I go back to that town again I just feel like another fucking former friend. I thought ones that helped you through, they'd stay with you.
I know I've made others feel just as dead, I can't get out of my own head.
Track Name: Stays the Same Pt 1
On and on
Track Name: Stays the Same Pt 2
and on.